Government work report: an overview of key points in the field of biomedicine

On the morning of March 5, the opening meeting of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress was held in the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council delivered a government work report.
He pointed out that 2022 is an extremely important year in the history of the party and the country. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held, drawing a grand blueprint for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Facing the turbulent international environment and the arduous and arduous tasks of domestic reform, development and stability, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core united and led the people of all ethnic groups across the country to face the difficulties and comprehensively implement the epidemic prevention, economic stability and development. In order to meet the requirements of safety and increase the intensity of macro-control, the economy has been running smoothly, the quality of development has been steadily improved, and the overall social situation has remained stable. my country's development has achieved new and hard-won achievements. The relevant points in the biomedical field
in the government work report are summarized as follows . Reviewing the past five years, the government work report pointed out that the industry will be promoted to the mid-to-high end. Promote the accelerated development of emerging industries such as high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, and wind power. Develop productive service industries such as R&D and design, modern logistics, inspection, testing and certification. Strengthen total quality management and quality infrastructure construction. The quality and competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing are constantly improving. Improve medical and health service capabilities. Reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, establish the National Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, improve the major epidemic prevention and treatment and emergency material security system, and strive to protect people's health. Strengthen and innovate social governance. Strict food, drug and vaccine supervision. The report on the main expected goals for this year's development pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control in China has entered the stage of normalized prevention and control of "Class B and B management". The epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment of the elderly, children, and groups with basic diseases, promote the iterative upgrading of vaccines and the development of new drugs, effectively guarantee the needs of the masses for medical treatment, and protect people's life safety and health.


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