Solid State Chemistry

Solid state chemistry research is an essential part of the new drug development process and can reduce the time to filing an IND application. It is also a key patent tool for new pharmaceutical companies to protect their product profit cycle.
The solid state chemistry research team of Rochi Pharma has professional crystallographic skill that combines the best-in-class synthesis technology, crystalline engineering capabilities, formulation technology to provide systematic solid state chemistry research and pre-formulation services that covers:
•  Single crystal culture and structure analysis
•  Polymorph/salt/cocrystal screening and research
•  Amorphous/co-amorphous screening and research
•  Solid state chemistry characterization
•  Solubility and dissolution performance study
•  Stability and hygroscopicity study
•  Compatibility study
•  IND/NDA filing and patent services
•  PH, PKa, LogP and powder property study