Micro-packed Bed Technology

The application of continuous flow process in hydrogenation with micro-packed bed reactor is a viable and promising option to overcome the barriers of conventional batch reactors. At Rochi Pharma, micro-packed bed has been successfully used in different chemistries, including but not limited to:

•  Benzyl deprotection

•  Nitro reduction

•  Olefin reduction

•  Reductive amination

•  Selective pyridine reduction

•  Selective dehalogenation
Catalyst Development, Screening and Production Capabilities
Rochi's chemistry and engineering team has been developing and producing palladium (Pd(I/II)), platinum (Pt) and ruthenium (Ru) catalysts to provide a better solution to extent the catalyst life cycle and reduce cost.
Capacity—From Lab to Manufacturing Scale
Most applications of micro-packed bed reactors in pharmaceutical industry nowadays are still limited from lab-scale to kilogram. However, Rochi's partner has designed and assembled manufacturing-scale equipment which has the capacity of delivering hundred metric ton output annually.
Automatic Process Detection and Control
The micro-packed bed reactors of different sizes at Rochi Pharma are equipped with DCS (distributed control system) to achieve automatic detection and control of the entire device. The dedicated state-of-the-art control system is equipped with low-, high- and ultra-high-alarm along with multi-level safety protection logic to ensure accuracy, safety and reliability.