Promotion & development

Work at Rochi

We attach high importance to the training and construction of the technical talent team and the management talent team gradient, and constantly attract high-quality talents from different professions, break our inherent thinking, enrich our talent innovation and maintain system, strengthen training to improve the overall quality of employees, improve performance and talent incentive system to ensure and consolidate our future development.

Working in Rochi:
Promotion picture (designed in Y shape)
The following are graduates, experienced, comprehensive talents, 2 rising channels:
1. Function ascending channel: assistant, commissioner, supervisor, manager, director
2. Professional ascending channel:


Training for newcomers in the workplace: company history, corporate culture, rules and regulations, code of conduct, environmental management
Job skills training: job responsibilities, professional knowledge, practical skills, business processes, skills salon
Management skills training: project management, market management, organization management, objective management, leadership management
General skills training: professionalism, communication skills, time management, business negotiation, execution efficiency


Fully stimulate the initiative and advantages of employees, everyone can make suggestions on the company's platform, which is the company's most important resource and development power, and this is the company's core value. While respecting the individuality of each employee, the company will also actively develop the commonality of employees.


New employee training:
For new employees in different positions, the company provides comprehensive internal training.


Job skills training:
Comprehensive training in technology and production by experienced experts for product synthesis, characterization, etc.


Management skills training:
Relevant basic and management knowledge is trained by relevant department managers.


General Skills Training:
The company has signed training plans with some external language training institutions, such as EF, Wall Street, etc. to strengthen language training for employees in foreign business negotiations.