Corporate Responsibility:
As a member of society, Rochi Pharma resolutely fulfills the sense of social responsibility of an enterprise, adheres to the highest ethical and business standards, brings environmental protection, greenness and health to our world, and requires technological innovation and sustainable development strategy.
Intellectual Property Protection:
Rochi Pharma respects and protects intellectual property rights in China and other countries, and has formulated strict policies to protect intellectual property rights, resolutely report and crack down on intellectual property violations, if any of our company involves intellectual property protection or non-standard operations Complaints and suggestions, please contact us in time.
Employee Responsibilities:
At Rochi Pharmaceutical, employees are our lifeline and engine, promoting the sustainable development and driving engine of the company. We strive to create the best working environment for employees, ensure employee benefits, and to stimulate employees' initiative and self-drive. The spirit of entrepreneurship makes every employee truly feel a sense of belonging at home --- "Everyone is home, and home is for everyone". Through industry and academic cooperation, we provide employees with a wealth of internal and external career development plans and training plans to improve their abilities.
Through the company's teambuilding activities, we will continue to improve everyone's cooperation and team spirit, so that everyone is full of love, everyone is a member, everyone helps each other, and loves each other. When facing difficulties, it is not just a person or just a family are facing , we established the Great Love Fund, so that everyone can feel the great love spirit in this big enterprise.
Public welfare:

The global village is our big family. Rochi Pharma vigorously promotes the worldwide assistance mechanism and encourages all employees to actively participate in social and worldwide assistance, such as the 2010 Yushu earthquake, the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, the world AIDS Love Day and other activities, wherever there is suffering, there we are, wherever need help, we will always offer our hands and do our best to promote the healthy development of mankind and the world.
Environmental management:

We are not limited to advocating green environmental protection, but more about putting it into practice. We have not only set comprehensive EHS standards for environment, health and safety. For example, through the application of our bio-catalysis technology, we have not only reduced the use of solvents, but also increased the utilization rate of materials, reduced the generation of three wastes, and improved the quality of products. Our EHS team continuously evaluates various mechanisms, continuously improves the implementation of EHS practices, and to truly achieve green production.
EHS goals: friendly environment, caring for health, focusing on safety
Friendly environment: Through the improvement of the production process and the essential change of the method, we avoid the use of materials and reactions with high pollution and high energy consumption from the source, so as to achieve the harmonious balance between production and the environment.

Caring for health: By improving our production environment and working environment, we can avoid occupational diseases and reduce the probability of work-related injuries and accidents.
Pay attention to safety: We promise that our production and operation activities are carried out on the basis of ensuring safety and complying with the relevant laws and regulations of the environment, health and safety, and we have taken protective and handling measures for all emergencies.
We regularly train our employees on relevant knowledge internally.