Biology Research

Rochi Pharma has rich experience in biological fields such as molecular biology, cell biology, in vitro biology, structural biology, among others. With our technical platforms such as enzyme level and cell level measurement platforms, we help our clients select compounds and research their properties, action mechanism and bio-marker analysis, thus ensuring the effective implementation of our clients' projects and helping promote the process of drug R&D.
Structural Biology:
Our partnering Structural Biology Laboratory is equipped with molecular cloning room and a drug discovery and selection solution based on protein crystallography, supporting drug development based on structures and from new targets determination to final structural determination.
Protein Expression and Purification.
We have rich experience in the expression and purification of recombinant proteins. We are proud of our various protein expression systems, including our prokaryotic protein expression system, yeast protein expression system, insect cell protein expression system (baculovirus), and mammalian cell protein expression system. In addition, we have employed fusion technologies to provide our clients with more options in terms of protein expression and purification. We tailor our service for your project at different dimensions including the scheme design, gene optimization, expression condition optimization, and purification technology system of your target protein expression level.
Insect Cell Protein Expression System
Yeast Protein Expression System
E.Coli protein expression system
CHO Cell Protein Expression System
Preparation of recombinant kinase
X-ray-based Crystal Structural Biology:
The measurement of complete three-dimensional structure of protein and its complex assembly is the scientific basis for studying the relationship between molecular structure and function in life activities and revealing the physical and chemical nature of life phenomena. The X-ray diffraction of protein and its complex crystals is one of the main methods to study the three-dimensional fine structure of biological macromolecules.
Penetrating with other disciplines and especially driven by popular disciplines like structural genomics, protein crystallography extends from analyzing the simple three-dimensional structure of protein to studying the structure of various biological macromolecules and complexes, and focus more on the relationship between structure and function. In pharmaceutical R&D, protein crystallographic structure is widely and significantly used in structure-based new drug design.
Selenomethionine Medium:
We provide complete sets of M9 selenomethionine (SeMET) medium for IPTG-induced E.coli expression system, production of selenomethionine-labeled protein and protein crystallography using multi-wavelength anomalous diffraction (MAD). This medium simplifies the steps of E. coli culture and saves you a lot of time, manpower and material costs. With our optimization, the Structural Genome Laboratory can accelerate protein production. We can also design and optimize the culture medium based on your needs. The compositions of the medium do not need to be sterilized or weighed, and only needs to be added one by one according to the attached instruction manual. The M9 high-yield medium doubles the yield of bacteria, which is widely used in scientific research and biomedical industry.
Cell Biology:
Cell Assay Analysis Platform:

Cytotoxicity testing ,  
Apoptosis testing and analysis
Cell migration analysis
Cell invasion analysis
HTRF-based cell detection and analysis
Immunostaining analysis
Immunofluorescence analysis (96/384-well plate)
Reporter gene analysis (green fluorescent protein/luciferase)
Radioligand receptor binding assay, Cell uptake analysis
Stable cell line construction, based on Crispr-Cas9
RNA interference methodology
MicroRNA overexpression analysis
MicroRNA knockout analysis
Adenovirus/retrovirus/lentivirus vector application analysis
In vitro evaluation of PROTAC molecule,
In vitro evaluation of mRNA vaccine
In vitro evaluation of antibody
In vitro evaluation of antibody drug coagulates
T cell transfection and toxicity analysis
Killability of NK cells and analysis of Car-NK
Radioisotope Analysis:
Technical platforms (3H, 33P, 32P, 35S, 125I and 14C)
Radioreceptor binding assays
Radioligand binding assays
Radioactive uptake assays
Cell growth assays
Radioimmunoassay analysis
Immunoradiometric assay analysis
Computational Biology & Molecular Modeling
In addition to the traditional biological research methods, Rochi Pharma has developed faster and more effective tools. Using computers and big data to assist in early drug R&D, we reduce the workload of drug researchers, reduce the cost of drug development and shorten cycles of drug development.