Amino acid and peptide drug CRDMO service

Rochi Pharma provides comprehensive CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization) services from drug discovery to commercial manufacturing. Our vertically integrated peptide platform covers from natural amino acid, unnatural amino acid, conjugate, API to drug product, coupled with comprehensive analytical support and CMC writing service, supporting our customers bring their peptide therapeutics to market faster.
Rochi Pharma can provide customers with D-type and L-type series of unnatural amino acids. With various types of amino acid derivatives as key components, we can provide CBZ, FMOC, MOC, BOC, acetyl, esters and other protected amino acids. They are all compatible with solid phase peptide synthesis. In addition, we have some amino acids specially designed to improve the efficiency of SPPS, such as Hmb-protected amino acids, pseudodipeptides, etc. According to the needs of customers, we are committed to providing them with more customized CRDMO services.


Peptide drug CRDMO service

We provide our customers with CRDMO services in a variety of synthetic scales, purity levels, modifications and salt forms. Our goal is to provide peptide products for our customers' drug discovery research quickly, efficiently and with high quality.
Linear Peptide:
Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)
Fragment Coupling
2-10 AA, single SPPS, 5-7 days
11-20 AA, single SPPS, 8-10 days
21-30 AA, single SPPS, 11-13 days
31-40 AA, single SPPS, 14-16 days
40-60 AA, single SPPS, 17-30 days
60-130 AA, conjugation/ligation, case by case
Cyclic Peptide
Cyclization is now a common strategy for improving pharmacological properties of a peptide from its linear precursor, including affinity and specificity, proteolytic stability, and/or solubility.
Our team has rich experience in cyclic peptide synthesis, cyclization strategies include single/double/triple disulfide, click cyclization, lactone, lactam, RCM, etc. The cyclization positions can include head-to-tail, head-to-sidechain, sidechain-to-sidechain, sidechain-to-tail.

Modified Peptide
We offer a comprehensive range of special modifications to meet customers’ needs. It includes N-terminal modification, C-terminal modification, dye/fluorescent labeling, biotin-labeling, PEGylation, post-translational modification, DOTA/NOTA labeling, and isotope labeling.
Apart from sidechain and backbone modification, we can also incorporate unnatural amino acids into the sequences.
Automatic and High Throughput Peptide Synthesizer
For routine peptide synthesis, we apply automatic synthesizers to accelerate SPPS portion.  Our synthesizers include CEM Liberty Blue (accelerated coupling enables one 20-AA sequence could be complete within 2 hours), Biotage Syro II (parallel synthesis for up to 96 sequences, perfect for initial SAR screening), CSBio (parallel synthesis for up to 3 sequences at 50-500 mg), and Symphony X (parallel synthesis for up to 24 sequences at 5-10 mg). With these advanced synthesizers, as well as a variety of prep-HPLC equipment installed in house, your requested compound can be ready within several days.
Discovery Peptide Synthesis Service Highlights
Broad synthetic scale from milligram to kilogram
Variety of peptide products, including linear peptide, macrocyclic peptide, modified peptide and peptide based complex conjugates
Products can be delivered as on-resin, crude, as well as purified powder 
Each peptide comes with MS and HPLC/UPLC analytics data
Quick turnaround time - most peptides under 40AA are completed within 2-3 weeks