New drug CRDMO service

Rochi Pharma can provide one-stop CMC services from drug discovery, pre-formulation research, drug analysis, stability research, drug product development, etc.
New drug CRDMO service includes:
From targets selection, compound screening, lead optimization to PCC identification.; Comprehensive druggablilty evaluations
CMC services; New drug clinical trial research
Preclinical evaluations including studies on pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicity.; IND filings with NMPA, US FDA, Europe (EMA) CTA, Australia (ARGPM) TGA, etc.

Key technology:
1 SAR compound synthesis   
2 Protein degradation technology ( PROTAC )
3 DNA-Encoded Compound Library 
4 BiaCore screening
5 Green Chemistry 
6 AI Drug Design Technology
7 ADC antibody drug conjugation technology